How To: Dealing with Victims of Crime

How To: Dealing with Victims of Crime

As medical nurses and caregivers, we have big responsibilities on our shoulders. We are responsible for the health and welfare of our patients. This could include the basic personal care and even the complex treatment of patients with dementia or patients who are experiencing trauma from abuse.

But we have to admit that when it comes to taking care of survivors from abuse and crime is not an easy job. We have to do more than just providing medical care. Recovery means we have to create a holistic approach to these victims without appearing too invasive and aggressive.

Unity Home Care Agency, a trusted name when it comes to In-Home Care Services in Bronx New York, offers some tips on how to handle patients with trauma.

  • Provide necessary medical treatment

    Before we can deal with emotional trauma, we have to deal with the physical trauma first. Survivors often suffer from bruises, cuts, or even injuries that may take time to heal. When these things are evident, we have to treat them first. Bring them to the hospital so they can be assessed thoroughly and medical attention can be readily given.
    Once the doctor has cleared the patient from any further infection or possible bleeding, we give them time to recover until they can fully function and move again.

  • Deal with the emotional stress

    The healing of the wounds may just be the icing on top of the cake. When we go deeper into the recovery process, we will discover that are they may be suffering from anxiety and from the whole situation. When we put these survivors under a therapy, we must be prepared to face any possible reaction to it.
    What we often do in our counseling care at Unity Home Care Agency Inc., a Home Care Agency in New York is that we break down the process. We try to assess the emotional stability of the patient first. We may notice them stare into space all of a sudden or when we talk to them, they will suddenly become angry, tears will fall voluntarily. These could be signs that everything that has happened to them may still be bothering them.

  • Assign a Medical Nurse

    Another way of dealing with these patients is to assign a medical nurse who is knowledgeable in counseling. In this manner, we are assured that there is someone who can look after them and monitor their activities. A personal caregiver can help these patients emotionally and physically.
    What are the other ways of coping up can you suggest? Surviving from emotional trauma is never easy. It will take time before we can fully heal and recover from it. But it helps to have someone who can be with you and listen to you in case you need to express your anger or your grief over the situation.

If you know someone who needs some support and help, our home support is ready for you. We are located near Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Westchester County, and the entire USA. For more details, you can check our website at or call us at 917-473-7551.

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