Useful Tips for Cleaning Any Kind of Wound

Cleaning Any Kind of Wound

Is there such thing as proper wound care? If so, how can we achieve this? There are multiple ways to achieve this but only a few people can do it. If you are not sure that you can safely change the gauze of your wound or you do not trust yourself to manage to clean a deep wound of your loved ones, it is best to leave it in the hands of a professional.

What is a wound?
Generally, you know of the wound as a small break or cut in your skin that causes blood to go out. Sometimes, these wounds can be acquired from accidents or from surgeries. And when your skin is open, it can easily be infected by viruses and bacteria. Hence, the need to clean and treat the wounds regularly to make sure it is sanitized.

Here are some useful tips to clean your wounds:

  1. Cleaning Simple Wounds
  2. If you are only dealing with cuts and bruises, there is no need to do major wound cleaning, but you have to be sure that the place where you are treating your wounds is hygienic. See to it that you do the following:

    • Wash your hands thoroughly and sanitize it with alcohol
    • Clean the wound again with water or salt solution just to make sure
    • Dry the wound with a few gentle taps of tissue or tissue pads
    • You can put ointment if your doctor recommends it or you can just wrap the wound with gauze right away
  3. Cleaning wounds from an operation
  4. In this kind of wound treatment, it is important to have a trained professional to do this for you. At Unity Home Care Agency, Inc., a provider of Home Care in the Bronx, New York, our caregivers are trained to treat different kinds of wounds. We can handle the complicated process of changing and treating the wounds of patients.

    Oftentimes, when the wound is too deep or if it is caused by an operation, you would always seek medical attention so as not to compromise the health of the patients. Here are some symptoms that you should consider before you bring the patients to the doctor:

    • Constant bleeding
    • Some things are embedded in the wound, like metal or a machine
    • There is pus coming out from the skin

    Your wounds are very fatal. No matter how small they are, if they are not treated properly, it could worsen. This could add up to your skin problems or this could lead to a more damaging case. For professional wound treatment and care, you can always count on our services to help you.

For queries and information, you can check our In-Home Care Services in the Bronx New York, the Unity Home Care Agency, Inc. You can visit our website at or call us at 917-473-7551 for a complete list of our services. We serve the areas of Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Westchester County, and the entire USA so you can have the chance of quality health care!

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