Rewards and Punishments: 6 Important Points in Child Chastisement

Rewards and Punishments

Children’s development will always rely on how their parents treat them. Nowadays, the psychology trend will tell us that the better way to raise children is through love and positive feedback. The old style of military-like treatment is long gone and is now even considered as abusive.

So to raise successful and exemplary children, all you have to do is shower them with love. No. It is not that simple. Though support and warm affection is essential in raising kids to become good adults, parents still have to take note that chastisement to some degree is necessary. How can you do that? Ponder on these critical points below:

  1. Listen before you act.
    It is unfair to jump to conclusions even if you have caught your children red-handed. Learn to value the beauty of listening. In doing this, you can measure their sincerity. Depending on how they react, plan your next move.

  2. Respect your children’s opinion.
    There are always reasons for your children’s mishaps. Maybe they were trying to achieve something. Before going to the disciplinary actions, learn the cause first. Their intentions may not be that bad. When you finally have understood their stand, respect it. If rectification is needed, do so.

  3. Condemn the doing, not the doer.
    What is wrong is not your little tots, it is the things that they have done. An action committed can never be changed, but your angels can. Give them another chance. Believe that on their next attempt, they can do better. But be very careful with giving chances. Do so sparingly to avoid them taking advantage.

  4. Have a heart-to-heart talk.
    After a long and emotional scolding, pipe down a bit. This time, be more compassionate and relaxed. Tell them that chastising them is necessary because they have committed some mistakes. Reach out to them. Make them know that this time, you are rooting for them to become wiser and better.

  5. Set a good example.
    In the eyes of children, the wrongdoings of adults may seem right. As their parents, be a person worthy of emulation. Improve yourself each passing day. Teach them life lessons that are never taught at school. Being early at work is a good example for your children to catch on.

  6. Observe consistency.
    When you set rules, be sure that you are not the first one to break it. Children are very mindful. If you will impose consistency, they will respect it. In disciplining them, do not just do it when you are in the mood.

Despite being busy at work and in other commitments, disciplining your children should never stop. While you are away, keep them accompanied by responsible sitters. Luckily, that is a job mastered by Unity Home Care Agency, Inc.

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