How Companionship Benefits Seniors


Experts say that an active lifestyle can make seniors add years to their lifetime. A solid support system can also help them recover better from their diseases. Social relationships may help in preventing functional and cognitive declines.

As much as you would want to be there for your aging loved ones every minute of the day, your busy life makes this impossible. However, Unity Home Care Agency, Inc. has in-home caregivers to offer companionship for them. Apart from offering physical assistance, our companion care professionals can help improve seniors’ overall quality of life. Below are the major benefits of companionship for elderly people:

  • Improves Physical Health and Safety
    Professional caregivers often possess a first-aid certification. Having a companion with this certification can be a great comfort to seniors and their family members. Professional companions are trained to attend to client emergencies. And because they tend to see their clients regularly, they may be able to notice any physical or mood changes which could indicate a serious health issue.
  • Prevents Social Withdrawal
    Seniors who live alone in their homes may not be motivated to get up and make the most out of their day. Social withdrawal can lead to depression which is detrimental to health. Having a companion provides them the reason to stay mobile and engage in activities. Aside from offering In-Home Care Services in Bronx New York, our care professionals can help plan outings and offer transportation to make it easier for seniors to get around and take part in their chosen activities. Companions focused on keeping older adults physically and mentally active. Playing memory games and engaging in conversation can already help in keeping mental acuity and reducing the risk of developing dementia.
  • Promotes Healthy Communication
    Older adults love to talk about their lives including their experiences, family, friends, and childhood. Companions can offer seniors their listening ears so that seniors can comfortably share their stories and get answers to their questions. Aging people with access to Home Care in Bronx New York tend to realize they are valuable in their twilight years.
  • Offers Assistance with Daily Task
    Some seniors may be suffering certain conditions that could limit their ability to perform home chores. Companion care professionals can prepare meals, help clients use the bathroom, and get dressed, as well as shop for groceries. Having extra help in fulfilling physical needs and everyday tasks let older adults retain their dignity and independence.
  • Fulfills Seniors’ Emotional Needs
    As caregivers and their aging clients spend time together, they can create a solid bond that they both can benefit from. The friendship created can pave the way for effective senior care. Having somebody to talk to and do activities with, seniors can have fun and joyful golden years. Also, this increases their self-esteem and helps in preventing depression.

If you are looking to hire professional caregivers to give companionship to your loved ones, call our Home Care Agency in New York at 917-473-7551.

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