Our Caring Staff

Through our competent staff’s hands, our services are delivered excellently.  Our caring staff is made up of people who are goal-driven and service-oriented.

By setting goals, our staff has a direction to follow. You can expect much from them because of the goals we have set for the company – as well as setting high standards for other providers in the industry to take example from.

By being service-oriented, our staff will know the extent of the service that they should provide.  You can have a clear understanding of what we can do for you and these will be coordinated with your physician.  If you have an existing treatment recommendation from your doctor or rehabilitation plan from your therapist, we will see to it that all provisions will be thoroughly applied.  Along the way, we will also facilitate adjustments when necessary to accommodate your health improvement or changes to your situation.

We are always here, ready to provide you with the services you need.  When the going gets tough, you will need people beside you.  Unity Home Care Agency, Inc. is the best solution.  After all, we always strive for excellence in what we do, regardless the setting and the patient in our care.

You can definitely choose Unity Home Care Agency, Inc. with confidence.  Through our website, we hope that you get an idea on how we can be of service to you.  When you trust us, we will definitely cherish it. We will do our best not to lose your confidence in us.  If you have comments or suggestions, we want to hear it.  Get in touch with us today!