Occupational Therapy

With the occupational therapy program, we do our best to help you adapt to a new living or working environment by facilitating the following services:

  • Home Safety Awareness
  • Energy Conservation
  • Pain Management
  • Body Mechanics
  • Balance Training
  • Assistive or Adaptive Equipment Education
  • Posture Correction and Enhancement
  • Fall Prevention
  • Emergency Response
  • Re-education of Basic Living Skills
  • Restoring Physical Mobility and Muscle Control
  • Strength Enhancement

Everyday can be challenge. But that doesn’t mean you have to be in an inconvenient condition. Turn to our occupational therapists at Unity Home Care Agency, Inc. as they help you on your way towards a comfortable and productive living!

Call 917-473-7551 to begin this program now!

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Unity Home Care Agency, Inc. - Contact Information
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