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Home Health Aide in Brooklyn, Staten Island & Westchester

Our home health aides are available 24/7 to take care of you. They are trained to assist you and provide you with the service that will make you feel comfortable especially when you are not in your best health. Care services that home health aides will be responsible for are applicable to homebound individuals with illness or a disability. The home health aides under our company are all service-oriented so we are sure that you are in safe hands.

  • They are capable of providing you with excellent quality in-home care service.
  • They are there to become your pillar of support.
  • They will be able to fulfill your requests wholeheartedly.
  • They are dedicated to their job and they are more than happy to serve you.

The services that our home health aides can provide you with are as follows:

  • Assistance in bath, grooming, and dressing
  • Health monitoring, medication reminders and meal preparation
  • Getting in and out of bed, Mobility Assistance
  • Running errands

Not only are they capable on providing these services, they are also competent in carrying out services that are unique to your care requirements. From the start, all in-home care services at Unity Home Care Agency, Inc. are personalized. Call us at 917-473-7551 if you want to know more about our home health aides or other In-Home Care Services in Bronx, New York.

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