How to Keep Your Home Accident-Proof for Kids

How to Keep Your Home Accident-Proof for Kids

“A child is a beam of sunlight from the Infinite and Eternal, with possibilities of virtue and vice, but as yet unstained.” — Lyman Abbott

Children are irresistible. They are full of charm and energy. When they are around, a house will certainly be filled with joy and enthusiasm. If you are a parent, will you agree?

Perhaps due to their undying curiosity, children can get into places they should not go. They love to tinker with things, both big and small. And due to their actions, they meet accidents. Usually, they will only sustain cuts and wounds. However, the possibilities are endless. Worse things have already happened in the past, you do not want children to join the count.

Regardless of design, children can still meet disasters at home. As their guardian, it is your responsibility to make homes safer for them. Here are guiding tips:

  1. Clean regularly.
    Cleaning gives you a two-way advantage: (1) your home is rid of dirt and clutter, and (2) everything gets organized. As children love to roam around and run like there is no tomorrow, they might stumble upon little things that are lying on the floor. After they play, make it a habit to tidy up the place.

  2. Keep dangerous things out of reach.
    From insecticides to strong cleaning agents, make sure that those items are placed in secured areas. Topping the recommended places is a high cabinet. With the height difference, your children will not have a chance to get ahold of the items there.

  3. Constantly check on expiration dates.
    Do this religiously especially with food items. Most children, if not all, love snacks. When they want to get some grub, always check the label before pouring the same into their bowls. Do this as well to other important products like medicine.

  4. Watch out for live wires.
    Electrical mishaps do not just cause injuries, they sometimes cost lives too. With your babies’ bottomless urge for discovery, they might mess around with wires. If you find that your circuitry is not properly installed or is tangled up, call the electrician right away.

  5. Put on some bathroom floor mats.
    Even in bathrooms, children are still hyperactive. To prevent slips and falls, install some slip-proof bathroom mats.

  6. Always leave them in the company of a responsible adult.
    When home alone, you will never know the extent of what children can do. Every time you leave the house, always station somebody reliable to be their guardian.

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