Helping Your Baby Transition from Mommy/Daddy to Nanny


Many working parents find it hard to juggle between their work, social life, and responsibility of having a child. That is why, like many American couples, you hired a nanny who could help you take care of the kid/s in your absence.

However, you are not the only one who is having a hard time. It turns out that your child is also sharing the feeling. Here are some steps on how you can properly introduce the little one to his or her new nanny:

  1. Shared exposure

    You cannot simply introduce a stranger to your child and leave them alone. You have to gradually expose them to their nanny so that both will be comfortable with each other’s presence.

    Say for example you are bottle-feeding your child; let the child know that you trust the new person in the house by letting the nanny help you in the process. This will slowly tell the child: “Mommy or daddy is okay with the new person in the house. So why shouldn’t I?”

  2. Start distancing yourself

    Once your child is getting accustomed to the presence of the new person in the house, distance yourself from him or her. This is because your little one needs to know that they can still be safe in the presence of their nanny.

    Start this step by explaining to your child that you will be going to the other room for a while and that you will come back after five minutes or less. Take note that you have to be responsive to your child’s cries while you are away. Your little one will slowly be used to the distance. But it takes time for them to get a hang of it so be patient.

  3. Taking the distance further

    When the toddler doesn’t get upset if you leave for 30 minutes, it is time to take the distance further. But first, you have to explain to your child what is going on. Tell them that mommy or daddy will go outside the house. Inform them that you will not be there when they will be upset.

    This will be the appropriate time for the nanny to adjust to the child, working on how to calm them. When you go outside for this step, you need to have your phone with you just in case. After they are already adjusted, you can leave your child for a long period of time.

It is definitely hard to leave your baby with a stranger but it is riskier to leave the toddler alone and unsupervised. That is why Unity Home Care Agency, Inc., a provider of In-Home care services in Bronx New York and a Home care agency in New York, helps you find the suitable nanny for your child.

If you child needs home care in Bronx New York, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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