7 Characteristics of an Ideal Nanny


In modern America, having nannies in households is common. Nannies help us manage our loved ones needs when we cannot find enough time to be there for them personally. Since they are handling the people most precious to us, it is for us to scrutinize and to be strict when employing their services.

How to hire the right nanny for the job? Here are seven traits you must look for before placing your trust on any prospect nanny or sitter:

  1. Punctual.

    Time is gold. No nanny should go to work late without any justifiable reasons. You cannot have your schedule ruined just because someone cannot commit to theirs. Being late too often is a sign of lack of self-discipline and discourtesy. If arriving on time is already challenging, how much more on greater responsibilities?

  2. Open-minded.

    Having a too emotional nanny can be quite a handful. As the boss, it is inevitable that you could point out their mistakes and demand a better result. Despite such altercations, your nanny must remain professional. He must take your criticisms constructively as much as possible.

  3. Proactive.

    As clients, you are not responsible for re-training a nanny. He must already know what to do, and do essential things even if not asked. He must be quick-witted enough to apprehend certain situations that might lead to destruction or deterioration.

  4. Dedicated.

    You must see that the nanny you are going to hire is willing to go through all the way. A good way to check if he is dedicated is knowing the reason of the employment. It is good if they seek to be employed on a long-term basis and not just temporarily.

  5. Enthusiastic.

    Nannies must be fun to be with. They may not throw jokes at you all the time but they must be a person of great personality. It is ideal if they are bright and cheery. Moody or gloomy dispositions can be infectious. Getting such emotions from them can harbor ill interactions.

  6. Trustworthy.

    Trust is fragile. Out of all the necessary traits a sitter should have, this is the hardest to achieve. You know that a nanny is trustworthy if you can sense that he is transparent enough. Even if mistakes are committed, the same must be fully disclosed. Non-disclosure of essential facts (even the littlest ones) can raise doubts and confusion.

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