6 Ways You Can Personalize Your Care


What makes home care service providers outstanding? The measure is based on how they treat their clients. With your best interests in mind, Unity Home Care Agency, Inc. seeks to deliver first-rate In-Home Care Services in Bronx New York.

We are continuously developing our services to be more efficient and reliable. Also, we make connections to widen our horizons and bring more options for you to enjoy. Since we value your utmost convenience, we want to make ourselves more available!

Unity Home Care Agency, Inc. cares deeply, so we make sure that our programs suit your specific needs. To customize our services, here are simple ways:

  1. Flexible service hours.

    Our caregivers and other medical professionals can stay in an hourly, daily and even on the overnight basis. Despite any number of hours you wish to get, you can expect that our quality of service will not drop. Our team shall remain dedicated in justifying your money’s worth and more!

  2. Personally selected caregivers.

    We understand and respect that our clients can be meticulous and perusing. Should you wish to know your caregiver or medical staff beforehand, feel free to meet them at 368 E 149th Street, Suite #3A, Bronx, NY 10455. Regardless of who you pick, we are confident that all of them are diligent, courteous, and proficient. After all, we do not tolerate rudeness and inefficiency.

  3. Special programs.

    Some of our special programs include wound care, stroke care, and other rehabilitation programs, administering injections and other medical nursing services. Should you wish to request more than what we usually offer, we are all ears to your specifications.

  4. Outside home services.

    We do not confine our services to be done only at home. Knowing that our patrons have things to attend to outside the home area, we are prepared to extend our skills out there. Upon prior notice, our set of professionals can accompany the client to important gatherings like birthday parties, reunions, and other social events.

  5. Urgent requests.

    In times of emergency, our staff is armed and ready. We have trained our caregivers and nurses to respond effectively when the moment calls for it. We shall not allow our clients to be subjected to further harm when accidents and sudden worsening of health conditions happen. To the best of our capacity, we can take appropriate measures to control and diffuse an ugly situation.

  6. Miscellaneous tasks.

    Included in our extended care packages are light housekeeping, cooking, and errand running. We want our clients to recover without worrying about menial things that can consume their time and energy.

Cannot find the right Home Care Agency in New York for you? Most likely, you have not experienced our care and met our plausible team! For a higher standard of care and compassion, feel free to call 917-473-7551. Your other queries may be answered via unityhomecare6@aol.com.

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