6 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Senior Loved Ones More Comfortable at Home

6 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Senior Loved Ones More Comfortable at Home

Imagine yourself with gray hair, wrinkly skin, and blurry vision. You also need to take at least five pills every after meals. And you do most of the time is to implant yourself on a leather couch and flick through cable channels. Now that you have mentally pictured the scenario, can you claim that becoming a senior citizen is easy?

Aging is a beautiful process. It is a proof of being human. However, it is undeniable that this change brings heavy consequences. Tragic as it may seem, but reaching seniority is not totally hopeless. With proper guidance and support, the grannies can live peacefully and healthily.

Since most of the time they are at home, we must take advantage of that environment. Here are some tips you may want to remember:

  • Give them non-slip footwear.

    This seemingly insignificant footwear will go a long way. Since their lower limbs are no longer that strong as it was in the good old days, a pair of non-slip flip-flops will help from falls and slips. This is extremely useful especially on wet surfaces like the bathroom.

  • Install handrails.

    Mobility is often hampered as one’s age progresses. If your senior relatives are by themselves at home, handrails will support them in going to places. Places that must be installed with this contraption are stairs and bathrooms.

  • Arrange wirings properly.

    Loose wirings can either lead to higher risks of falls or worse, electrocution. To avoid either of the two from happening, take immediate action. Contact a reliable electrician to hide the wirings or to position them in places that will reduce potential life threats.

  • Check food and medical supply every now and then.

    Due to failing eyesight, senior citizens find it hard to identify expired goods from not. Most expiry dates are displayed in very fine prints. As the healthier individual (and the one with better eyesight), clear the food cabinets with expired goods and medicines.

  • Clean regularly.

    Cleaning is not just about home aesthetics, it is about home safety too. Small debris can potentially cause slips and falls among seniors. Dust build-ups can trigger allergic reactions and respiratory complications. And, a dirty home can pretty much stress the fragile baby boomers.

  • Hire a responsible caregiver.

    When you are not at home, leave your loved ones to someone who is as capable and caring as you (even more). Be very meticulous and never settle for less.

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