6 Reasons Why Leaving Children Alone at Home Is Not the Best Idea

6 Reasons Why Leaving Children Alone at Home Is Not the Best Idea

In the world today, it is really difficult for lower to middle-class earner parents not to work at the same. Since the prices are getting higher, both mothers and fathers must contribute to the budget building so that the entire family may live a decent and comfortable life. Though practical and sort of inevitable, this kind of scenario poses one major issue – kids being alone at home.

When kids are left by themselves at home, they learn how to be independent. They get to develop self-help skills like cooking and maintaining their personal hygiene. However, the cons in this situation outweigh the pros. Here are realistic reasons you cannot deny:

  • Accidents

    Children are naturally curious. Without any adult filtering their innate curiosity and hyperactivity, they can easily stumble into things that are potentially life-threatening. A common example is what can happen in kitchens. With knives and other sharp objects there, kids left alone at home can wound themselves or do deeper damage to their bodies.

  • Imbalanced diet

    Our little men and ladies are very fond of candies and other junk foods. Between healthy foods and sweet treats, what do you think they will likely pick? Having a sitter with them will guide them to eat proper meals at proper intervals.

  • Insufficient sleep

    Due to gadgets and the internet in general, kids tend to have fewer hours of sleep (most especially if left unattended). With no one to say it’s “sleeping time”, their eyes will continuously be glued to the screen and their fingers tapping non-stop.

  • Fire breakouts

    You will never know what your children will do next. It is never impossible that they will play with fire – literally.

  • Food poisoning

    Most children are unaware what an expired or spoiled food looks and smells like. If it is their favorite snack, they would probably just munch it down without thinking.

  • Anxiety and/or depression

    Being alone at home can lead to anxiety and depression for children. Mind you, these mental issues are no joke. If left untreated, these will create serious and complex problems in the future.

Especially for grade-schoolers and below, it is recommended that at least one adult should always supervise children at home. The above-stated risks are real and have dealt heavy loads of damage to some families already. Never let your little angels join the growing number of tragedies.

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